Two years ago was the first year I worked on Thanksgiving. And as I watched the rest of America prepare for Thanksgiving, it gave me a interesting outside perspective on the day. Everyone seemed somewhat burdened by Thanksgiving – the travel, the preparations, the cooking, the eating. All to show off in someway or say like, “look we’ve done Thanksgiving! We did it.” All to just need to recover from the whole mess and prepare for Christmas or Hanukkah or the next large to-do. I’ve had my fair share of fun Thanksgivings that didn’t feel like a chore, but those are few and far between in my memories. It just made me wonder what the whole point of Thanksgiving is and if we’ve lost it?

To me, Thanksgiving happens everyday because to me Thanksgiving is this: it is taking time to make food, or eat food, to honor all the work that goes into that food, and to appreciate the people around you that you eat the food with. I don’t think it has to be about turkey or mashed potatoes. In some ways i think people put so much pressure on themselves to prepare this insane meal its no wonder Americans are cooking less and less – if every time you cook it is a big shenanigan – why would you do it everyday?

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The day after Thanksgiving, I saw lots of things posted on the internet about having no regret about over eating and stuffing yourself. As if this is what we all want to do all the time but don’t because if we did we would all be fat. Let me say this and say this loud: Eating and enjoying food means eating as much as you want. All the time. Even if its not Thanksgiving. There may be times where you eat beyond the point of fullness – but so what? Who cares? When we reserve a day such as Thanksgiving to do this or a “cheat day” as many people call such things, it makes me extremely nervous as a nutritionist. Because to me this is a sign of something gone really really wrong. You’ve probably seen all the reports on how Americans are the most obsessed with health yet the unhealthiest? It’s this that I am shedding a light on. Or at least trying to.

My Thanksgiving involved working. I went home and could have gone out with friends but I was so exhausted I just stayed home. I warmed up some golden beets I had roasted from a few days before, sliced a lemon and squeezed some of that on it with some olive oil, warmed up a baguette I got from a nearby bakery, had it with some butter and a glass of red wine. I then watched a movie with my boo, and had some cardamom ice cream with some chocolate chip cookies. It was delicious and exactly what I wanted and I enjoyed every minute of it. As I write this I am at a local spot drinking some beer and waiting for some pizza I just ordered from the food truck out back via 313. And I kind of just want to yell on the top of my lungs “I AM A NUTRITIONIST!” The reason is I think that everyone thinks healthy eating is one thing and how you want to eat is another. Naw my friends. They are one in the same. I have thanks that I know this. It feels really good. Try it with me?