Month: January 2017

Think Dirty

I’ve been wanting to share this app for a while now.  I was late to the game in changing my skin care products.  Mostly because I just didn’t want to know how bad the stuff was that I was using.  But also, because, I didn’t know how to fix it.  Several years ago my friend told me about this website where you can enter the cosmetics that you use into the Environmental Working Group database and they will let you know if the product contains any harmful chemicals.  When I did put my products in, and saw that some of them were really bad for me, I felt horrible and defeated.  Well, what do I do now?  I thought…

Then several years later, about a year or so ago, I suppose I was ready to take action.  I attended a lecture given by a woman who was getting her Ph.D. in endocrine disruptors.  During her lecture I really understood that the products I am putting on my skin are as important for me to pay attention to as the food I put in my body.  I decided at that point that I was going to make a change.  I would no longer drink out of plastic bottles, I would do my best not to buy foods that were stored in cans, and I would take a serious look at my skin care products.  Luckily, I found the Think Dirty app.  Like the Skin Deep website, the Think Dirty app rates your cosmetics on a scale (0 being the best, and 10 being the worst).  However, unlike Skin Deep, Think Dirty will make suggestions for products that do not contain harmful chemicals, that are similar to the product you entered into the app.  I have, since using this app, replaced my face wash, moisturizer, deodorant, and sun screen.  Next up is my make-up, which I haven’t been wearing for a couple of years, but am excited to have found a line on Think Dirty that is rated all zeros.

Life isn’t perfect, and neither are we.  But at least I know that I am doing the very best I can by buying products that are not harmful to my body.  What about you?

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The anti-diet

I often struggle with identifying myself as a dietitian because the of the word “diet.” The word “diet” in general just refers to the types of foods you eat. For example, my diet today consists of fruits, vegetables breads, nuts, grains, coffee and water. However, in our culture, that is not how the word is used.

The word diet in our culture refers to something that you do in order to lose weight. So, when I say I am a dietitian, I have a problem because I am against diets and I am against dieting. The word diet and “dieting” persist in our country like cockroaches – they never go away. As soon as one diet dies another appears in its place. And on and on. Meanwhile, the majority of experts in the field, (“dietitians”), including myself, are against dieting because dieting does not work.

But instead of saying what I am against, and why I am against it, I would like to focus on what I am for.  These are the principles of the anti-diet.

Enjoy what you eat. First and foremost, like (even love) what you are eating.

Honor your body. Eat when you are hungry. Stop when you are full. Your body knows how much it needs to eat. Your job is to listen to your body.

Be mindful.  If you want something, eat it. Just be mindful while you are doing it. Be mindful of all the foods that you eat, of where your food comes from, of the impact that it has on your environment and the impact that it has on your body. When you become aware of these effects, without judgment, just mindfulness, you can truly look at your diet. You can see the foods that you are eating for what they are, you can stop eating the foods that don’t make you feel good, and eat more of the foods that do.

If you have confusion about any of this, send me a message. I am here to help. That’s my job as a dietitian and that is what I love about being a dietitian – helping people fall in love with what they are eating.

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